Baby On Board

Baby has Arrived!!

Our little girl was finally born last Saturday at 2:00am – 9 days late! She is beautiful and is the perfect addition to our new boat. She and A. are both healthy and doing well.

My boating todo list for this weekend is:

Finish wrapping the River Queen. I have the framework up but have been waiting for a day without wind to pull the plastic and shrink it.

Get Strathgowan ready for haul out on Monday. I was hoping to do a whole bunch of sailing this past month but only got out twice. What a drag! The mast is booked to come off at 9:00am and the haul out for 11:00

Winterize the Atomic 4 one more time.

And then I will be modifying the frame from last year and remounting it. One last shrinking and it is done for the winter.


  • Ellen, John & Sophia

    Welcome, sweetpea! I had been checking Angie’s blog for pics, but then realized- duh, Dad has them! She looks like her brother already- congratulations again!

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