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Houseboat Update

Terribly sorry for the lack of updates re: the new (old) houseboat.

We are currently on holidays – visiting my parents in Manitoba, and so I’ve kind of put everything on hold while we unwind for a week. We’ve been fishing several times – caught 1 big old Crappie in Mary Jane Reservoir and a Winnipeg GoldenEye in the Pembina River. I know – not much in the way of fish – but much of the fun of fishing is the just go’n fishn’ part. We also spent a night at my parents cabin – no electricity or running water – almost like being on the boat!

About the new houseboat – things are going a bit slowly. We’ve had a survey done which showed up a couple of things that we need to get done. The bottom needs to be redone as there is a fair amount of corrosion from improperly applied anti-fouling paint. When you apply a copper based anti-fouling paint to a steel boat, you must put some sort of barrier coat between the two so that you don’t get any electrolysis or electrolytic action happening. This was not done when the anti-fouling was applied by the previous owner. So we have to sandblast the bottom – apply about 10 mils of epoxy to provide a barrier and then the anti-fouling. This is not a real hard job and is really just a logistical pain in the butt – it is supposed to be done tomorrow (Friday). We will see – it has been delayed a couple of times.

We also need to fix some wiring issues – some of the wires were not soldered properly and twisted wire covered in electrical tape is a no-no on a boat. I will hire out this work and get everything cleaned up.

And finally, the propane system is not up to todays standards. It is just basically a tank with a hose going to the stove. What I need to do is install a regulator, new gas line, a gas sniffer in the bilge, an electronic shutoff and the tanks must be installed in a sealed box with an overflow that goes overboard. Whew – sounds like a lot of work, but in reality is again just logistics. I will likely do most of this work myself and then get it inspected and signed off on by one of the gas tech’s from my work.

So, we are still at least a couple of weeks away from getting the boat down to Toronto – but things are looking up. I would say by September, we should have a brand new (old) houseboat to live in.


  • Strathy

    hmmm – now that I revisit this post – I guess the pic does not make much sense. It is a photo of our table at the cabin with candles and a candle lantern lighting it. It is good memories for me but probably does not mean much to others…

  • Ellen, John & Sophia

    oh how we know the joys of epoxy and sandblasting and all the steel goodness. congrats on a new floating home! i’m sure you’ve already painted and made those decisions, but the metal boat society helped us immeasurably when deciding how to paint our new boat- we used ameron products.

  • Anonymous

    Hi I’m new

    My name is Melissa i am fom Duluth MN. Long story short I am reading a book by Jack Canfeild authur of Chicken Noodle Soup books. Anyway after doing some self exploring techiqes from the book I cam to the conclusion I want an old houseboat. I know you wont think I’m crazy. Ccould I ask for input and help from you along the way? I believe the best way to learn is from other peoples mistakes there less painful. I am intreged about this lifestyle and I love to fish.

    Keep afloat

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