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Wrapped boat.Boat shrink wrap is the best and most economical way to protect your boat from the elements while it is in storage.  If you plan to store your boat for any length of time, especially outdoors you will want to find a way to protect it from the sun and elements.  UV rays from the sun, dust, wind, rain and bird droppings are all things that tend to do damage to boats while in storage.  Shrink wrap protects your boat from all these plus more!

What Color should I Choose?

Most people use white wrap.  White tends to reflect the most light and there is less heat build up inside a boat that is wrapped in white.  The other choices are blue and semi-transparent.  The blue works well in climates that expect snow in the winter as it absorbs both heat and UV from the sun which prevents snow from building up on the wrap.  In Florida, this is (usually) not a problem.   Semi-transparent is great if you plan to work on your boat while it is wrapped.  Even if you just plan to check on the boat regularly, the semi-transparent wrap allows light to penetrate the wrap and make it easier to see and work on the boat.


One of the drawbacks of using wrap is heat build up when the sun is shining.  While we've already suggested that white is the best option to help keep things cool, vents in the the wrap are also an excellent option.  A good commercial wrap company will build in vents with just a bit of extra wrap and maybe some wrap tape.  Vents allow air to circulate through the boat, removing heat and also preventing moisture buildup.  Condensation can be an issue, especially on a boat that has just been pulled the from water.  Allow air to move though the boat scrubs moisture from the boat drying it out.

Can I Shrink Wrap My Own Boat?

The whole process of shrink wrapping a boat is not difficult.  However, the heating process is the tricky part.  Building a frame and pulling the plastic is easy – using the heat gun takes some amount of skill.  There is a certain art to wielding a heat gun.  The plastic must be heating to just the right temp to shrink tight enough, but not too much to cause it to thin out or worse … burning a hole.  If you do shrink your own boat, use smooth even strokes with the heat gun.  Work out the correct speed to heat the plastic properly without burning holes.  

Hire a Mobile Shrink Wrapping Service

This is probably the best option, especially if you've never wrapped a boat before.  A commercial wrap company can usually wrap a boat in a couple of hours.  They will make sure the wrap is tight without any bagginess which means that wind and water is shed better. While this is also the most expensive option, it is also the best option for keeping your boat safe and clean while in storage.

Boat Shrink Wrap Companies in Florida

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