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What is a Shadow Yacht?

Paul Allan's little 414' yacht named Octopus.
Paul Allan's little 414' yacht named Octopus. Parked at a commercial wharf .. how's that for ambiance? I guess he likes the industrial look.

In the rarefied world of the ultra-ULTRA Rich, not having all ones toys within arms length (or at least within a couple of nautical miles) would simply not do. But how does one bring the Bentley or the Rolls or the Range Rover, or maybe even all three along on a little jaunt to Tahiti? Why, one would put them in the Shadow Yacht of course … what a silly question.

So that give us a little hint … a shadow yacht must be something like a garage – a big, floating garage. What’s next, a basement?

I’ve been listening to the audio version of Robert Frank’s book, Richistan, (a great read by the way) which tells the story of the New Rich in America and their ode to opulence which is basically a richmans version of the old school yard taunt, “Mine’s bigger than yours, na na, nana, na.” They seem to live their lives with the goal of “he who dies with the most toys, wins.” And they have introduced us to a whole new category of boat – the Shadow Yacht. Part boat, part garage but all extravagance, these boats carry the toys; the chopper, the cutter, the Rolls, assorted motorcycles, Jet Ski’s and whatever else the uber-Rich need to show that they are indeed … rich – as if the 500′ ocean liner would not give it away. Kind of a supply ship – with just the non-essential stuff.

To fill the demand for this new necessity, boat builders are accommodating their clients wishes and repurposing tugs, or building new Shadows Boats. Ranging from 150′ to almost 300′ these boats are the ultimate add-on feature. Where you and I might get a dinghy to support our boating experience – they get another yacht … just a big dinghy, so to speak. One company who’s sole purpose is to supply Shadow Yachts says, “Our goal is to provide our clients with the ultimate yachting experience, without limitations.” And that pretty much says it all.


  • Forever Fashion

    Well, everybody has his own size of toys. Children play with small toys, youngsters prefer bigger ones, grown-up are trying to find even bigger.
    Anyway most of us are playing this game. We don’t like the things that surround us and trying to reach something bigger. It’s a vicious circle when you have more you’re trying to reach more. Those who have managed to exit this circle are really happy.

  • IRIS

    I’ll be glad to read more. I live on a yacht now she is on the hard so I’m in a “normal” house and it’s to wait to be on board again

  • Morris Schrock

    On a recent cruise we were tendering into Cannes Fr. harbor, and met a stilletto-like yacht painted in the current street-rod rage multi-blue which changes shades constantly in relation to the viewer and to the sun. When we drew near, I could see the name  "007" in large Gold numbers and about that instant, he passed the end markers for the harbor speed-limit, and shoved the throttles to the wall, and this thing had "some kinda power!" It didn't take him long to draw out of sight! I told my wife I wouldn't even make a guess as to how much that thing cost! IndyMo

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