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Signs that Spring is Here.

Spring Boat

It began a couple of weeks ago with the arrival back of the seagulls. There was still a bit of ice here and there in the harbour which the seagulls used to conference on. Shreeking and calling at all hours of the night carrying on like drunken weekenders on a Canadian long weekend.

Next the brokers broke out of the winter funk and began to launch boats. It started with just one or two but now there are dozens of brand new sail boats lightly bobbing in slips without masts or the character that comes from use.

And now finally: water! It’s kind of funny – we live on water year round but miss it so badly when the supply gets shut off in the fall. Yesterday, we officially welcomed spring by taking a long hot shower on-board, wasting water and generally reveling in the luxury.

The final step in the spring dance will be the removal of the plastic. We’ve already cut some air holes to let out the heat during the day but in the next week or two we will go at it with razor knives and expose the River Queen in all her glory.

Tonight the moon was floating in the sky over Ridgetown – the water is still and the air is warm – harbingers of the days to come.

Moon over Ridgetown


  • Jamie

    This spring has seemed a long time coming, but I’ve actually wandered out on deck barefoot lately. Glad to hear you’re thawing!

  • Sunspel

    I just love spring season when compared to summers and winters. Everything looks so beautiful in spring season. By the way, I like the 2nd pic. Good one!

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