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Winter is Here? Where is that Global Warming?

This week the ice arrived. One day the boat was floating peacefully in lovely Lake Ontario, the next morning she was frozen into the ice – each move of the boat grinding and groaning against the ice.

So…global warming…where, oh where are you? It would seem to me that if humans had affected (or effected) the world so much and that the global temps are approx. 2 degrees higher than what they should be, then we should be experiencing longer falls, shorter winters, hotter summers, etc. Yet here we are, frozen into Lake Ontario in early December. What’s up with that?!? Maybe we need more SUV’s.

To live here in Toronto (Mississauga really) on a boat in the winter we must find some way of keeping the boat moving freely while surrounded by ice. What we use is called a bubbler. A bubbler is really just a big powerful underwater fan. The bubbler is dropped down into the water and constantly moves the water past the hull of the boat preventing the ice from forming. There are two schools of thought regarding the proper use of a bubbler. One keeps the bubbler relatively shallow and blowing the water basically horizontally down the length of the boat. Others use the bubbler to bring up warmer water from deeper down toward the surface which in turn keeps the ice from forming around the boat. Compared to the surface, the water close to the bottom is usually 3 or 4 degrees warmer. (I think it is called a winter inversion.) I subscribe to this second theory. My bubbler is about 15 or 16 feet down and is bringing up water at about a 45 degree angle toward the hull of the boat. I will concentrate the force of the bubbler toward the stern of the boat to keep the outdrives clear of ice to prevent damage to them. We will see how this works and adjust the bubbler as necessary.


  • SA

    Congratulations on your baby. She is lovely. I am, w/ my daughter and dog, moving onto a boat from a large-ish house in February.

    That effect of water freezing from the top down is responsible for life on earth. Other liquids don’t and it is kinda magical that it does. It lead to critters living through the winter, bio diversity, etc… very cool.

    the photograph was very cool.
    Sally Anne

  • Jay Martin

    Truthfully though global warming is occuring. The debate is if it’s caused by man or not. Our weather here has been above and below average the past few years. I’m not sure what to make of it.

    Nice boat, and really awesome pictures. Keep up the posts!

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