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Odd Smells

I live on a boat with a 3 week old baby, a 3 year old who still ‘stains’ his underwear, a 55 gallon holding tank, an old electric toilet and 2 adults, one of whom occasionally ‘rips one’, and … my boat smells! The smell I am smelling, however, is none of the above (I don’t think so anyway.) I can’t figure out where the smell is coming from. We can go days without smelling a thing, then all of a sudden, in the middle of the night the main cabin of the boat smells like something curled up and died. We’ve searched high and low – looking for something that might be going bad. We’ve pulled all the drawers out – pulled out the fridge and checked all the nooks and crannies – nothing. Even though I don’t smell it down below decks, today I’m going to shop vac out the bilge and dry everything up again – hoping that the smell might be from down there somehow.

I usually get the blame for the off odours around here, and most of the time I deserve it, but this time – IT AIN’T ME!

So, I’m off the bilge with my vac and hoses … queue the Ghostbuster music!


  • Anonymous

    Hi: I’m with you on a weird smell! Finally tracked it to my kitchen stove – took a flashlight and looked in all the nooks and crannies, but can’t find it. It is a downdraft stove with a vent to the outside and I’m wondering if a mouse or squirrel is dead in there. Anyway I hate leaving for a week with the bad smell in there.
    What to do???

  • Vivian

    We had a smell issue not too long ago. Turned out that the trap system under the sink is to blame (Hmmm, I wonder who built/installed that?). We found if the drain was dry for too long, the smell from the grey tanks would come up through the sink drain. Running a bit of water through the drain seemed to make it disappear. Let me know if this helps.

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