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Politicians in Trouble Live on Boats?!?

If you are a US politician and are in the middle of a bribery scandal or maybe a sex-solicitation investigation, you might just be a live-aboard.

This article in the N.Y. Times reveals how many US politicians who are in trouble for something live on boats. It is kind of uncanny but I suppose understandable. There certainly is a bit of a code among live-aboards – one that says you don’t broadcast around who owns the ‘gold platter’ down the dock or who you saw in the shower this morning. Many of us also guard the lifestyle by not granting interviews to reporters – we’ve been asked for an interview at least half a dozen times.

Capital Yacht Club might be a place to avoid if you are looking to keep your nose clean!

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  • Regina Marie

    Thanks for checking out my blog. Tomorrow when I get online I was to read you back logged blog posts! I love meeting and connecting with other live aboards.


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