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What is Wrong with People – Ungulates.

At various times in life most normal people have to ask themselves, usually while shaking their head, “What is wrong with people?” This is the question that I currently find my self mumbling under my breath. (If you’ve never asked yourself this, you just might be part the subject upon which we are about to embark.)

You see, it is 12:30am – that’s middle of the night here – and the people in the boat across the dock from us are carrying on as if they were the only people within 100 miles. I assume, as they have been drinking since I first saw them this morning at about 10:15am, that they are now good and drunk. There are various loud male voices punctuated by fits of drunken female laughter – none restrained, none moderated. The first thing we had to do this evening as we got ready to go to bed, was close all the hatches and doors to somewhat muffle the carrying on. In the time it took for me to get the front hatch closed I was privy to the most degrading and disgusting conversation that was taking place over which all were laughing uncontrollably. Decorum and common decency being sadly wanted by these pitiful excuses for humans, and the self centered nature of their actions, lead me to believe that they were either brought up by farm animals or like the prodigal have descended to the level of the pigs who’s filth they seem to revel in.

In the past, I would have gone out, begging their forgiveness for my family’s bodily weakness in requiring sleep and to gently remind the farm animals that we, here in the civilized world, would very much like to retire in peace for the evening and would be much obliged if they would keep their grunting and snuffling to a minimum. My wife has denied me the joy of turning the hose on the floating pen as one member of the drunken troop is being rounded up tomorrow and shipped off to parts east of here – an occasion for which we too, by rights, should party and carouse all night long.

So, we wait, hoping beyond hope for the sweet sounds of silence that should result in a few unbroken hours of sleep till the morrow when those of us who have some purpose in life and who attempt to be productive members of society rise to go off to our places of employment (and try not to stumble over the dozens of crushed beer cans that the menagerie will have surely left behind.)

In my research for this very liberating post, I discovered that ungulates are known to eat their own young and often feed on their own excrement. I also found that pigs don’t sweat. And so, on that positive note, I shall end this post and go back to trying to tune out the nocturnal sounds of the swineherd 5 feet away from my bedroom window.


  • Strathy

    I would dearly love to provide pics of beautiful Strathy Acres – but … I can’t – it would be too much. Didn’t the words paint the picture for you?

  • Anonymous

    It may be tough out there …
    but don’t mourn for B-dock. The partiers have been partying, carousing, and singing. We, too have had to close our hatches to the kafuffle (?).
    To make matters worse, it wasn’t those fair-weather, dirt-dwelling, summer boaters but liveaboards making the noise! They should know better! LOL

  • Anonymous

    I think you may be insulting pigs. They’re pretty smart animals, more so than dogs, I hear, and I’m a dog lover. They also have somewhat a claim to nobility in that we sacrifice them to make valve replacements for human hearts. It sounds like those neighbors of yours are below them in the hierarchy of valuable living creatures.

  • Don't Panic

    We have the same problems on the road- I am a trucker – hope to shift to the liveaboard life soon- thanks for the reality check

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