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Long Weekends at the Marina

We normally try to get out of town for long weekends, but for this one (Canada Day) we decided to hang around and get some things done at home.

The weekenders are all here!

I just got back from the Marina showers – what a strange mix…

Old, young, skinny, fat, short, tall – all in various stages of undress – bumping into each other, laughing uncomfortably … all this to the cacophony of toots and hoots coming from the 8 toilet stalls. Blech!!

Next long weekend – it’s out of town for us!


  • Anonymous

    Yeah, well things are rough all over. Yesterday when the Better Half made her first trip to the outhouse, she ran out screaming while a whole family of squirrels, maw, paw and three babies ran in the opposite direction. So I did my Heroic Guy Thing to bring equanimity to The Beloved. With my diamond willow walking stick I savagely destoyed the love nest that the dastardly beasts had created behind the spare toilet seat. As they sat scolding in the oak above the throne room, I can just imagine them saying, “Don’t you just hate long weekends!”

    And then last evening while strolling in the woods looking for saskatoons for a snack,as I reached up for a handful, I flushed out a tiny spotted bambi. It ran off into the bush with it’s posterior semaphore wigwagging furiously.

    Sad, isn’t it…that one can’t have a nice long weekend without the kerfuffle.


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