Walking on Water

Here is how I found my neighbour clearing the ice out from around his Bayfield this morning. He is a much smaller man than I – probably half my weight so I guess he can venture out on the ice much sooner than I can – but still, the ice is only about 4 inches thick! Anyway, if this cold weather keeps up, it won’t be long before I too can clear the ice from my boat by walking on water.


  • ..,;::=>[ Dex

    I stumbled upon your site and started reading about your life on the boat…seems like you have adjusted quite well and are enjoying the comforts of the boat =). I really liked the paragraph about families saying they “need” a bigger house for their children, which they really do not need because you are right: people adapt and adjust to a new environmet…Just wanted to give you props on a nice page and let you know that you have a great outlook on life =). I’ll try to check back here for an update on the boat life! Take care~

  • Anonymous

    four inches of ice is plenty thick to hold a man. Two inches is where I draw the line for venturing on the ice (with caution), and I weigh about 200 lb. A small investment in safety gear makes falling through the ice a non-lethal learning experience.

  • Strathy

    I tend to agree with you – I’ve certainly been out icefishing on 4 inches of ice. I have two concerns here in the marina – there are some very distinct currents in the bay where the ice is still thin and I found two air bubbles in the ice that were just a crust over the water. So the ice is still not as safe as I would like it to be.

    I have now ventured out onto the ice where I see it is visibly thick and no problem – however the area that froze last around the boat because of the bubbler is still thin so I cannot clear ice from the boat from out on the ice

  • ryan

    Hi, I have just purchased a 38 ft river boat queen and was wondering if you had any tips for winter living aboard. I live in Halifax. How warm were you guys all winter long?

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