In a comment to one of my previous posts, Tillerman pointed out that it seemed that owning a keelboat is nothing but trouble. I guess anyone reading this might easily come up with that impression. However, I would like to dispel any notion that sailing a bigger boat is just going from one problem to another. The majority of the time was spent thoroughly enjoying our time on the boat. Many hours were spent idle, just lazing about. Other times were spent in the sheer exhilaration of sailing a strong breeze. BBQ’s at sunset out on the water – watching the stars through the hatch over the v-berth and times of just do-nothing. I can’t think of many happier times than on this boat.

Yep, we’ve had a couple of issues – times when you knew you were alive because you felt it in the pit of your stomach. But, that is part and parcel with life. What a boring existence it would be if nothing ever happened. I know, sometimes (especially after some hair raising experience) we wish for a life of nothing but I would not trade the experiences and memories that I’ve gained on this boat for anything.Hanging out – Fixing Stuff
I know that more ‘stuff’ is going to happen, and when it does, the experience that we’ve gained from the previous ‘stuff’ will help us deal with the new problems.

So, Tillerman, if owning a bigger boat is your dream – go for it! Don’t let the ‘what ifs’ hold you back.
The real Lay-Z-Boy

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